Monthly Archives: July 2015

Teardown of T-Com VB / Buyee BT Motorcycle Bluetooth

I picked up this relatively inexpensive Bluetooth device on Amazon recently, and while it functions very well, I was finding that the over-ear speakers let in too much air noise when on the freeway. So, I’m planning on replacing the speakers with some in-ear buds, or maybe just a female 1/8″ audio jack, so I can switch headphones when I would like. As in any hack / mod, it’s best to start by doing your research. I could tear the current headset apart, but I wanted to see what I could learn first without ruining anything. Because I wasn’t able to find any photos of the internals of this device, so I have taken the photos myself, in hope that they help someone else. Read more »

Configure git to ignore a range of code

I had been asked to recompile a VPAID ActionScript SWF with a minor change to the code, but I had a lot of stuff lingering in my build I would like to temporarily disable, by commenting out, then only commit the minor change asked by using prune, ie: git add -p There was a lot of things that had changed, and it was becoming difficult to spot the changes, with all of the commented out code everywhere.

A few Google searches later, I stumbled upon a neat solution which meets my particular needs. I can mark ranges of code, and have git commit / diff ignore them. Then I can mark things that are commented out, and/or not meant for commit, and they will not be in my way. Read more »