About me

My name is Bray Almini, I have been tinkering and working on computers since age 4. Through the years I have taught myself a lot of programming and scripting languages, including: Basic, C, C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic, HTML, Batch script, Flash Action Script, Perl, Shell Script, Python, CSS, and MySQL, plus some others I can’t remember. Today, I’m most comfortable with L.A.M.P. (Linux +Apache +MySQL +PHP/Perl), but I’ll pick back up a language when necessary to get something done. I am self-taught, with the exception of several gurus I have had help me along the way.

I have helped a few start-ups get their footing, designing most of the back end programming allowing their websites to be both dynamic and easy to operate.

I’m a geek, there will always be another project.

For more information, see my profile on LinkedIn.