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PHP list sorting

There are times that I have a large list of data which I need to strip out duplicates, and sort. This is really easy to do from the bash shell, but it would be quicker if I had a web interface which would eliminate having to make temporary files and open up a shell window.

Here is the demo of the code.
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Merchandise Point Of Sale. It’s a register program built specificlly for bands selling shirts, cds, hats, etc. Inventory, sale reports, plus other good stuff. Runs in a web browser, nice even at 800×600. Written in PHP and MySQL.

cf_Cam Portal Engine

A complete reverse engineer of the most popular cam portal engines on the net. It highly resembles Camero, but I can promise that I didn’t even peek at their code. Gathers webcam images from local and remote servers, checks the images using HEAD requests, as not to actually download the image and use up precious bandwidth. Archives, sorts, and displays the cams on a clean and friendly looking page.

Started: 2003-05-27
Status last modified: 2004-07-02

This project has since been re-worked to integrate updates via email and mobile phones. The code was rewritten from the ground up and is now Scenekick.com.