LPT LED mood lighting

Ok, so like most days, I have the few websites I check daily. Hackaday.com had a link to a great little project a while back called “LED pimp bed“ written by bkpeters(at)uiuc.edu. He had a really great idea, take primary colors red blue and green, and have them on fader controls, attach to bed. Tada: Pimp bed.

The whole thing is just wonderfully simple, but like many other geeks out there, I know that anything is better with computer control. It took me a few hours over a few days to work out the details, but I was really happy with what I came up with.

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Putting a 3.5 inch hard drive in a Laptop

I have had a bunch of times when you need to use a hard drive designed for a Laptop in a desktop system, say for formatting, or copying massive amounts of files. Laptop drives are by spec. 2.5inch wide, while desktop drives are 3.5 inch wide. This isn’t a problem for the average user because we have these nice 3.5 to 2.5inch adapters, however what if you wanted to put a full scale drive into a laptop? You’re screwed. Of course, in most cases you couldn’t even fit the full drive into the laptop just due to it’s actual size, not just the different adapter.

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This project has been on my mind for a few years now, and has been a long time coming. If you know me, you could probably just guess the amount of shit that I have saved up on my desktop and servers. In my main desktop system I have several drives consisting of 40gb, 40gb, 80gb, 160gbRAID (2x80gb), DVDRW. This is all well and good, however to show off my collection of drives I have a single red led on the front which is almost always on. Sorta weak.

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Merchandise Point Of Sale. It’s a register program built specifically for bands selling shirts, CDs, hats, etc. Inventory, sale reports, plus other good stuff. Runs in a web browser, nice even at 800x600.

Written in PHP and MySQL.

cf_Cam Portal Engine

A complete reverse engineer of the most popular cam portal engines on the net. It highly resembles Camero, but I can promise that I didn’t even peek at their code. Gathers webcam images from local and remote servers, checks the images using HEAD requests, as not to actually download the image and use up precious bandwidth. Archives, sorts, and displays the cams on a clean and friendly looking page.

Started: 2003-05-27
Status last modified: 2004-07-02

This project has since been re-worked to integrate updates via email and mobile phones. The code was rewritten from the ground up and is now Scenekick.com.


Hatebotx is an AOL instant messaging bot (aim-bot). It uses flat-filed vocabulary lists to attempt to find suitable replies to text received. All conversations are logged into yet more flat-files. It’s a big ugly mess, but it worked well at the time.There had been similar bots on AIM such as SmarterChild, who were helpful and polite; but they were not HateBotX. This bot did not utilize the Elisa engine, and had very little intelligence. However, it would still get a lot of laughs despite it’s simplicity.

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