Quieting CNC stepper motors

The Zen Toolworks 7x7 is my first CNC mill, and while jogging around the mill, I felt the stepper motors could run a bit quieter. If you were to operate one while it was unscrewed from the machine, you would notice it is significantly quieter. I read that you could purchase cork gadgets to sandwich between the motor and the frame. I found them on eBay, but I felt it wouldn’t differ much from cheap craft foam.

I had bought a stack of this stuff from the dollar tree a while back, I chose a sheet that was about 1.5mm. Taking the motor mount off the mill makes a very quick stencil. I penciled the size with a pencil and cut it with a razor. I made a gasket for the motor, and two for the mount stand offs; further isolating the motor acoustics.

I’m very pleased with the results. A final quieting measure, I outlined the bottom of the machine with stick on foam, used for sealing doors and windows. Jogging the motors is now much more pleasant!