iPod Video failed capacitor

My brother recently got an iPod Video off eBay which refuses to keep a charge for longer than 30 minutes. I suspected it was an old battery, and thought it could be fixed by swapping in another one. Once I got the case open, I discovered a burn mark on the back on the hard drive foam, pointing out that there was a blown out component on the main board. Lovely.

I searched the internet for an hour for the specification on this blown out part, labeled C140. I found some hi-res photos of the main board on Google Images, leading me to believe that C140 is the same as C150. I removed C150, and attempted to measure it. My capacitor meter wasn’t giving me consistent results, but I think it was telling me 10pF. Before I could replace C150, it flew out of my tweezers, and into another dimension… so I went for broke, and replaced both with 10pF ceramic caps.

The scene once I opened up the case, finding the burnt blue foam on the left

After powering up and tried charging, I put my finger on the components, feeling for heat. All seemed fine, so I closed up the case. We charged it up and after two hours so far so good! I gave the iPod back to my brother, and he is going to get back to me with longer term results.

Extreme close up of C150 and the exploded C140

Replaced both C150 and C140